“The biggest danger is to stop learning”

London Ki Aikido

At the recent childrens’ seminar in Germany, Sensei Raymond Scanlon taught a lesson explaining the importance of always adapting. Although this is a sentiment most people would agree with, many fail to follow it when they become adults. As we get older we seem to prefer what is comfortable than to what is true.

P1040623r All still learning even after decades of practise.

Martial Arts are the study of danger. This is a life long pursuit,  As with most discplines, the more we practise, the more humble we become as we start to appreciate the subtleties of the art. We come to realise that we are playing with pebbles on the beach whilst the “great ocean of truth lies undiscovered before us”

In Aikido, we also learn to apply and receive technique during practise. This practise of receiving technique, ukemi, gives just enough stress to your bodies to keep it supple and active whilst leaving it strong. In this way, your body learns, as…

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