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Brain Vs. Book

 My brain and I attack our fair share of books, but as a person of the lady persuasion, I worry sometimes that I am not reading enough books by others of said persuasion. I know those books are out there, but sometimes I get sidetracked by the names that everyone is tossing around and wind up reading far too much Neal Stephenson and Shigeru Mizuki, while neglecting lesser-known, but equally awesome lady writers like Mieko Kawakami and Carol Lay. And given the sad, sad state of representation for my fellow vagina owners, I am pretty much one hundred percent behind shining a spotlight on these ladies. My brain’s already battling the books; why not take up arms against sexism at the same time?

Fortunately, I have friends who are able to respond with five authors I’ve never heard of when I say I am looking for some new…

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